About Us


about-usNorthbright Care is a Hampshire based care and nursing staff recruitment agency, ran by caring individuals that have a deep understanding of the health and care industry. With many years of experience to back it up. Our primary goal is to ensure anyone that needs help, gets help.

Mission Statement

Here at Northbright Care, we have lived the healthcare sector. We have worked in it. We have experienced first-hand the vital and difficult job that nursing and care staff provide to patients that are in need. So, our mission is simple.

Firstly, we always aim to provide qualified, experienced and dedicated staff to our clients. We know that reliability is a necessity in this industry, and we shoot for absolutely nothing less. When you work with us, your staffing needs will be met to a consistently high-standard. That’s a promise.

Secondly, we strive to let our agency be ran by the needs of all those that come in contact with us. Our recruitment service is based on the principles of what everyone involved in the exchange needs, that includes our clients, our candidates and our staff.

We believe that’s more than enough to ensure the success not only for our agency, but for everyone that comes into contact with it that needs it. Caring is our real goal, so help us in making it a regular reality.